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 PK -  SLD Series 

The SLD series offers knuckle boom crane models with excellent lifting capacities for simple loading tasks at a captivating price. A visible feature of all SLD cranes is the conventional hexagonal boom profile, which features a low maintenance extension system. The SLD crane series emphasizes best-in-class Palfinger quality, while its positioning ensures an optimum price-performance ratio. In North America, SLD series cranes are offered in the following variants:

  • SLD 1 – the basic version without overload protection (OSK hydraulic OLP as optional)

  • SLD 3 – with Paltronic overload protection and manual control (radio remote control as optional)

  • SLD 5 - with Paltronic overload protection, E-HPLS, radio remote control and LS control valve

 PK Features*

  • Shorter load cycle times due to High Speed Extension

  • Perfect appearance and extremely high value retention thanks to coating technology

  • Maximum utilization of the working range thanks to extended HPSC 

  • Higher payloads due to intelligent lightweight design

  • High degree of user-friendliness thanks to optional radio remote control

  • Optimized dead weight

  • More lifting capacity thanks to E-HPLS

  • Practical and attractive due to Functional Design

  • Maximum reliability with Paltronic

  • More power in the hook due to Single Link Plus

*Not all features apply to all models
KP-PK1112SLDM3+EN (1)_edited
KP-PK1112SLDM3+EN (1)2_edited
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KP-PK1112SLDM3+EN (1)3
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