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At MTE, we can install and service any type of dump body or roll-off container. 

If you're looking to purchase a dump body or roll-off container, we recommend Beau-Roc. With its popular Diamond product line first introduced in 2004, Beau-Roc leverages the two folds in the truck body’s diamond shape without compromising the one large plate of Hardox 450 steel. 

The Diamond line’s characteristic folded side profile is resistant to warping, is easy to maintain and will prolong the truck body’s exterior appearance. It has also proven to be an excellent location for our customers’ signs and decals!

In addition to Class 3-8 dump truck bodies, Beau-Roc builds custom builds contractor bodies, landscaper bodies, multi-purpose bodies, chipper bodies, pup trailers, roll-off containers and stainless steel bodies, each heavy-duty for strength but lightweight for maximum payload.

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