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Maximize Your Investment

Whether your crane is on the fritz or just overdue for maintenance, you shouldn't trust just anyone with the job. We repair, inspect, refurbish, rebuild, and service truck mounted cranes and hoists to like new condition. Our skilled technicians have many years of repair and servicing experience. 


We work on all brands of truck cranes, lift gates, winches and outrigger bodies. We also offer service body, flatbed and dump bed installations. 

With significant experience in hydraulics, electrical, and welding, our techs can help breathe new life into older units instead of having to purchase new a high-dollar heavy-duty piece of equipment.  

The best way to prevent breakdowns is with regularly scheduled maintenance. Regular maintenance of your equipment is critical for smooth and safe operation as well as productivity.


Don't wait until problems develop, let our skilled  technicians keep your equipment in top shape with regularly scheduled maintenance.

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